Wednesday, January 21, 2009

why and what im fell?

what i see, nobody what to know and follow up my blog. do u tink im so sad and down?

Oooh Shit! not felling so that.

why 1 ?
Im not good writer.

why 2?
My spelling and grammar english not go0d like Justin tembikai.

why 3?
Notting special and humor in my story.

why 4?
Im not gay.

why 5?
Im not have friend blog legs (kaki blog).

why 6?
In 5 years im know use internet. only now im know use blog and know what a "blog".

why 7?
Im no have sweet story, coz after my girl say "bye2 you", im not have sweet story to write.

why 8?
My face not same Cristiano Ronaldo (Mancester United player)

why 9?
Evry my topic have this word "Oooh Shit!" the true case no have "shit" in my blog..

why 10?
No have prono picture in my blog.

do u tink my grammar so good went im write this topic..
im know u answer.... nobody what coment, because nobody what read this topic..